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Alain Lemieux

Affaires gouvernementales et publiques
912, Grande-Allée Ouest
Québec (Québec) Canada
G1S 1C5

T. 418.682.3157
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Our firm offers our clients a full range of services and steers them through their strategic process, whether it is medium or long-term positioning, or more specific interventions.
The firm also provides clients with a vast network of public and private contacts to promote constructive relationships with various stakeholders, and to ensure that the clients’ needs and concerns are understood and considered within the democratic process.

For your information, here are a few of the services offered by our firm:
Government Relations
  • Communication with elected officials
  • Communication with the business world
  • Communication with public administrative offices
  • Monitoring political and public activity
  • Participation in the administrative and legislative process
  • Policy analysis
  • Policy development, strategic planning, memoranda, and other documents
  • Strategic advice
Public Affairs
  • Crisis management
  • Developing and managing communication plans
  • Media relations
  • Public relations
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